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Brian Gabay


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So what does a vibrant and gregarious individual do with their life these days?  Well if you have lived abroad, are a fanatical New York Knicks fan, impersonated Elvis as a toddler on Maury Povich, are Bilingual and known to do voice-overs; then you ever so clearly build a Recruiting Firm!


I am not the quintessential prototype of the head honcho, but rather an honest, aggressive, in tune with current times, realistic human being who knows how to treat others. I have walked the recruitment circuit, working for top firms, which has led me to establishing Brian Simon Associates. I have coupled my unique style with unbreakable relations and connections; creating the perfect ingredients to the complete recruitment cocktail. My end goal is to help others and secure careers that will last a life time.

I have been in the shoes of a candidate and I have helped others in those same shoes as a recruiter – understanding is key.


As owner and CEO, I vow to play a significant role through the entire process, fulfilling your destiny and guiding you to the place you were meant to be.  As a result of my robust relations and partnerships, vendors have left their fate in my hands, confident I will make the perfect connection. Throughout my career, I have had the luxury of creating a niche category for PR Recruitment, while establishing divisions as such.