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- Brian Gabay



Welcome to Brian Simon Associates, a recruitment agency called to stay with you throughout the process from start to finish. Our agency is here to provide candidates and clients with the guidance and expertise straight from the source. Living in a social media 

driven and digitized world, we realize the journey only gets more innovative from here. 


With that said, the effects have trickled down drastically changing the recruitment process.


At Brian Simon Associates, we have recognized the difficulties companies come across when looking for the ideal candidate, along with the obstacles candidates face through the many transitions in their career. Egos are checked with your coats, at the door. Our mission is to contribute equally to both client and candidate, helping companies make critical hiring decisions that pave the way for great success across the board, along with providing candidates access to industry experts specializing in their field of interest.


Developing Brian Simon Associates has allowed us to share our diverse rolodex with you. Whether an agency or in-house opportunity, nationwide, or Global; we work with only the best, as our clientele is pristine and our candidates are top-tier. This is only the first step. 

We are looking forward to guiding you with your recruitment needs and making the introduction for the perfect match.


Your job is to be you – ours is to present you to the world!


We work as a team to deliver the highest quality of service. We compete as a whole, to provide the best possible outcomes. We are extremely dedicated and motivated just as much as you are to achieve success in our professional lives. In other words, we are on your 

team. We are here to answer any questions or give advice whether it is late nights or weekends, we will accommodate your schedule under all circumstances.


We do our homework and meet individually with each of our clients and candidates, allowing us to better understand their precise needs to ensure delivering the best results. 


We form tight knit relationships with everyone that we work with, as trust is critical to obtain mutual respect and long lasting partnerships.

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