Wall of Motivation

Change with change and regret nothing

Be yourself and you will regret nothing...

Ever think to yourself what you will say? Should say? Will do? Should do? Act or react? It is time to go with the flow and have the confidence to start thinking along the lines that you essentially know more than you think you do. 

This feeling of indecisiveness relates to all aspects of life. Whether it is simply choosing what to get for lunch, determining what to wear, or choosing what job to take, the root of this begins with the word change. 

Change, we all experience it, fear it, embrace it but no matter what – this word is what outlines our internal growth. Interviews can be intimidating for most, especially those who haven’t been interviewed in a while. At the end of the day, an interview goes both ways, it is the act of two people working towards impressing one another. It takes two to tango and at times, one can sway while the other can’t play. 

How will you know? The key is to be yourself and don’t fake it. Always trust your innermost gut and take a leap of faith. At the end of the day, you will never truly know how great your job choice is until you experience it firsthand. 

My best advice is to listen to yourself in the deepest of thoughts; you will be surprised to hear your gut guiding you. Never fear change and taking the leap to a new journey. After all, we can never see rock C from rock A, keep jumping, and eventually you will find sheer happiness and contentment.   

People don’t do the changing however, their lives change

Reality is people don’t do the changing however, their lives change – leaving them with the decision to move with it or stay put. I believe we should always allow change in our life and accept it. This doesn’t mean your personality or physical features change, it simply means that you are allowing your mind to experience openness, as growth and new opportunities sneak up on you. 

Those who embrace change and acknowledge the motions of movement in their lives tend to succeed. If you don’t embrace the change, then you might find yourself missing out on some of the greatest adventures you may ever face.

Live, Love, Laugh – we have all heard it but it never stays the same. Those three words are powerful, and when reflecting, each has played a significant yet ever-changing role in our lives. Fact is all is forever changing. Move with it, be the surfboard riding the wave.  Don’t get caught up in a tsunami, keep riding, keep changing, keep progressing and never stop being true to yourself.

– Brian Gabay

Mission Statement

We don’t “hit our numbers” nor do we “hit our sales quota” -
We help place human beings in jobs which ultimately results in changing their lives for the better. We then get financially rewarded for our hard work and efforts in making it happen.

We are relationship builders – connecting our clients to the right people that will help grow their business. Connecting candidates to the right companies that will offer them professional growth and stability. We aren’t “selling” products – we are matching and connecting human being personalities. We don’t “hit our numbers” nor do we “hit our sales quota”... Choose the recruiter you work with wisely.