Brian Simon Associates is a recruitment agency focused on delivering high-impact results for both clients and candidates.  

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We contribute equally to both client and candidate, helping companies make critical hiring decisions that pave the way for great success across the board, along with providing candidates access to industry experts specializing in their field of interest. 

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Who we are

Brian Simon Associates is a recruitment agency focused on delivering high-impact results for both clients and candidates. It’s our dedication, hands-on approach (we like to meet you in person!) and ability for building long-lasting relationships with clients and candidates alike, that sets us apart. 

We have a passion for helping clients make critical hiring decisions that help pave the way for their continued success. We do this by asking the right questions – what are the main job responsibilities, what makes a good company culture “fit,” what type of experience would do best in this role – and then we listen.

Brian Simon Associates is a recruitment agency

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Brian Simon Associates specializes in contingent Perm/Temp recruitment services within the communications sector including Public Relations, Marketing/Advertising, Digital/Social/Influencer/Affiliate Marketing, Media Planning/Buying, Creative, and much more!


We provide recruitment services at all levels from junior to C-Suite!

Perm Placements

Seeking new full-time talent? We help staff the most reputable agencies and brands out there.

Freelance Services

We got you covered! Our elite network of freelancers are ready to be called on!

New Business outreach

We can be a strategic partner for all things New Biz related. We will act as an internal NB/Sales team for you!

Influencer Marketing

We have close relationships with both brands and influencers and are ready to facilitate the introductions!

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About Us

"Be yourself success will follow" - Brian Gabay

Our agency is here to provide candidates and clients with guidance and expertise straight from the source.  

At Brian Simon Associates, we have recognized the difficulties companies come across when looking for the ideal candidate, along with the obstacles candidates face through the many transitions in their careers.

How we stand out?

We work as a team to deliver the highest quality of service. We compete as a whole, to provide the best possible outcomes.

We are extremely dedicated and motivated just as much as you are to achieve success in our professional lives. In other words, we are on your team. 

Customer Focused
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We work as a team to deliver the highest
Your job is to be you – ours is to present you to the world!

We are looking forward to guiding you with your recruitment needs and making the introduction for the perfect match.

Live, Love, Laugh – we have all heard it

Change with change and regret nothing

Be yourself and you will regret nothing...

Live, Love, Laugh – we have all heard it but it never stays the same. Those three words are powerful, and when reflecting, each has played a significant yet ever-changing role in our lives.

Fact is all is forever changing. Move with it, be the surfboard riding the wave. Don’t get caught up in a tsunami, keep riding, keep changing, keep progressing and never stop being true to yourself.  

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Our Experience Is Your Advantage

Brian is one of the best recruiters I've ever worked with! He really takes the time to get to know his clients and their business needs and creates and maintains great relationships with them. I have worked with him on placing a few high level candidates and he always does his research and presents the best candidates! If Brian is presenting them, they must be great! Would definitely recommend Brian to anyone looking for amazing top quality recruiting assistance. He consistently delivers and he's great to work with!

Jennifer T.
Director of HR & Operations

There are few recruiters out there like Brian who will tell you like it is. He wants you to work for a company that YOU want to work in, not what will make him the most money. But, he'll also tell you the realities of certain companies. It's important to know a lot of little details that most aren't willing to talk about if you're looking for a new job. Thankfully, Brian helped me work my way toward a company with a great reputation and with work that I actually want to do.

Alvin A.
Senior Account Executive

Brian is exceptional as a recruiter, working closely with candidates to get a sense of his/her professional and personal goals. I first met Brian when he contacted me about a potential job opportunity. Throughout the initial interaction, Brian treated me like he was truly 'in my corner' seeking to figure out not only whether I was right for the job but that the position would be a good fit for my wants and needs. As the interview process progressed, I felt that I had a strong advocate in my corner, a coach who was able to advise me on how to put my best foot forward. With Brian's help, I ended up nailing the interview and landing the job. I am so thrilled to start this job and I owe it all to Brian!

Bonnie C.
Vice President

I was laid off from my previous job a couple months ago and Brian worked so hard to help connect me with an amazing agency that fit everything I was looking for in my next role. He was super responsive, honest and I felt like he was on my side the whole time. I can not recommend him enough for anyone looking to take the next step in their careers!

Kayla D.
Account Executive

Brian is great at his job. He's very efficient and able to find opportunities that meet people's needs.

Laura L.
Senior Account Director

It's not often that after one phone conversation with someone, they can see something in you that you can't even see. That's what happened when I worked with Brian during my search for my next step in my public relations career. Apprehensive to switch gears and naturally resistant to change, Brian saw the potential in me that I was afraid to see and encouraged me to take a chance at a job I really wanted but wasn't sure I deserved. He advocated for my goals and desires with the company and ultimately landed me in the position I wanted. After we signed on the dotted line, Brian continued to support me and I know if I reached out to him with a question today - he would be right there to answer with my best interest at heart. Fast forward five months later, I'm thrilled to be where I am and wouldn't be here without Brian's advisement. I'd recommend him to anyone!

Johanna A.
Senior Account Executive

Brian was awesome! So helpful on walking my through each opportunity and finding openings that fit my background and passion. Would HIGHLY recommend for any employees/job hopefuls to connect with him!

Jay T.
Account Supervisor

Brian found me via LinkedIn. I had never worked with a recruiter before and was honestly skeptical about the process. But something about Brian stood out. His relaxed demeanor made me feel comfortable immediately, and it soon became apparent that he had my best interest at heart. We talked for a long time about what my short and long term goals were -- everything from company culture and size to client lists to opportunities for advancement. When I told Brian something didn't feel like a good fit, he was receptive and incorporated the feedback into his next proposal. The end result was a perfect match. My first interview with what would become my next job lasted 4.5 hours! It was a great fit all the way around, and that was only possible become of Brian's commitment to satisfying not only my personal needs, but also the needs of the company. He was the ultimate advocate for both parties and a fantastic listener. Although I don't anticipate being on another job search for a very long time, should the need arise I would absolutely use Brian again.

Keaton M.
Account Executive

During the recruiting process, Brian was super attentive to my needs and what I was looking for in my career — in my next role & from my next company. I could tell his main concern lied in matching me with the right fit and not just placing me somewhere blindly. He didn’t want me to settle. In the end, he found me an awesome company and I’m in a position where I’m challenged, get to work with a great group of people and there’s room to grow. In the end, I am super happy with the outcome of the recruiting process working with Brian and definitely recommend him.

Richard G.
Beauty PR Professional

From the start, Brian was attentive, actively listened to what I was looking for in my next move, and align my strengths to a potential position (which eventually led to accepting an offer)! Throughout the interview process he assisted with prep, answered any questions and was extremely communicative. On my way to one interview, my train was late and I emailed him—he immediately called me to get the details and let the office know. Took the stress away of being a few minutes late! My experience was phenomenal and I’d definitely recommend Brian!

Katie T.
Digital Sr. Account Executive

I started speaking with Brian more than a year ago when I was living abroad and looking to move back to the states. He assured me that it might take time, but he wanted to ensure that whatever he put in front of me was 100% the right fit - and it was. He took the time to get to know not only my professional background - but also my personality and what type of culture i was looking for in my next move. He's been an incredible ally and cheerleader during my recent interview process and helped me seal the deal with an amazing job. I wholeheartedly recommend Brian and will be passing his name to all my friends.

Cory S.
Director of Digital/Social

Brian was extremely helpful and strategic in helping me find a job/career I love. I was looking for a slight change in industries I was working in and he was a true partner every step of the way. I would recommend Brian to anyone who is looking for transparency, resourcefulness and dedicated to making the right fit.

Erick E.
Digital Account Supervisor

Brian is the best recruiter in the business. He works tirelessly to find the best fit for his candidates, working with some of the best agencies out there. Make sure to connect with Brian for any and all job searches!

David A.
Senior Vice President

Brian was so amazing and helpful in finding me a new job! He gives great advice and goes above and beyond for you! So great and would definitely recommend working with him.

Kelsey K.
Senior Account Executive

I had such an amazing time working with Brian. He was super helpful, attentive, and kind throughout every step of the recruitment process. He did a great job placing me in a new role that highlights my current skill set while also giving me the opportunity to learn and grow. Highly recommend working with Brian on your next job hunt!

Sierra L.
Social Media Professional

Brian is an amazing recruiter! He’s completely honest, super helpful, and very easy to talk to. He’s there for you every step of the way.

Jillian H.
Senior Account Executive

It was such a pleasure to work with Brian. He made my job search process seamless and he really took the time to ensure that I was only recommended for opportunities that were the best fit for me AND the company. He guided me throughout the process, briefed me on the company, gave me great pointers, was a neutral sounding board and really cheered me on, which ultimately landed me in the position of my dreams. I highly recommend Brian to anyone looking to make a transition in their career.

Heidi G.
Account Director

I don't think I've ever met a more dedicated and engaged recruiter than Brian. He found me an amazing opportunity that fit my skillset, my desired environment and culture and one that was the perfect next step in my career. He set up each step of the interview process and provided coaching and feedback along the way and was really on my side. He counseled me on negotiating the offer and really knew both me the candidate and the company to make everything come to fruition. The process of finding a new opportunity can be nerve-wracking, but having someone like Brian leading the way, you can't go wrong!

Meghan H.
Chief of Staff

Brian was great to work with! Very friendly, negotiated on my behalf, walked me through the whole process and was very informative along the way. He placed me at my current position and was able to find me a position that highlights my skills, abilities and interests (on the first try no less). I loved working with him and am happy to recommend him to any of my family and friends.

Dierdre Q.
Sr. Account Executive

Brian was phenomenal to work with in my job hunt. He found two great opportunities that fit my skill set and preferred work environment. He then guided me through every stage of the process with clear communication and fast results. I dealt with multiple recruiters, but Brian was by far the most in-tune with what I wanted and best equipped to help me achieve it. I hope to remain at my agency long term, but if I end up seeking new opportunities, he is the first person I will contact.

Andrew K.
Digital/Social Professional

I am pleased to write this recommendation for Brian Gabay. Brian worked with me to find a new position in the communications and marketing industry. He was extremely professional and personable, and I enjoyed working with him very much. He helped me find a position immediately that fit my skill set and interest. He worked with me to make sure that the position I accepted was the right choice for me. I would use Brian again without a doubt. Thanks, Brian!

Kisha B.
Integrated Marketing Professional

Brian Gabay is a recruiter like no other. He is fully committed to getting to know candidates during the recruitment process and provides a thorough overview of opportunities with an "insiders" perspective on roles. If you are looking for a new opportunity and desire an "exclusive" recruitment experience, Brian should be your go to. He is credible among the agencies, thorough and transparent in his efforts to place candidates successfully.

Cari R.
Vice President

I can't thank Brian enough for seeking me out and bringing me an amazing new job opportunity that I wasn't even looking for. He is incredibly professional, very attentive and made himself 100% available at any time while I was going through the interview process. I'd highly recommend him to anyone and would gladly work with him again in the future.

Nick H.
Director of Client Services

Brian made sure that communication throughout the entire process was completely transparent and that both sides were made aware of updates during any given time. He clarified anything that was unclear and answered lingering questions I had. Brian also ensured that everything was broken down thoroughly in heavy detail before making fair decisions.

Nicole S.
Account Director

I recently had the pleasure of working with Brian on my career change. Wow! He presented me with an amazing opportunity from the onset and then worked tirelessly to ensure it came to fruition. Brian provided fantastic counsel and feedback throughout the process, helping me ace interviews and secure a fantastic package. I cannot thank him enough for his dedication and commitment to making my dream career happen!

Katie J.
Vice President of Marketing

Searching for a new job in New York is usually as grueling as searching for a new apartment, but Brian made the whole process feel effortless. It took him only a brief conversation with me to identify an opportunity that was such a good fit I was offered the position after only one interview. He also provided counsel during the rest of the hiring process and never failed to answer emails or phone calls within a reasonable amount of time. Brian is by far the most diligent, honest and considerate recruiter I have ever worked with. I would highly recommend him to anyone I know

Ryan G.
Executive Vice President

It's been great working with Brian on my recent job search. He has great connections, is extremely knowledgeable about the communications industry and really goes the extra mile to understand what you're looking for. I would definitely recommend him for any one looking for their next opportunity.

Scott R.
PR Manager

I simply can’t say enough great things about working with Brian. He is excellent at his job because 1) he provides helpful counsel every step of the process 2) he provides leads that are truly beneficial for both you and the company so no one wastes time 3) he replies promptly to all correspondence, and checks in frequently via phone during the process and 4) he is always upbeat and positive and seems to really enjoy helping people through his work. On top of all that, he’s incredibly personable and a great guy!

Meghan B.
Vice President

It was a pleasure to work with Brian on my recent job search. He was a professional and trusted advisor the entire time. Made the "not always fun" process painless and stress-free. He listens and cares. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for their next role - passed along his number to a bunch of friends. Thanks again Brian for everything!

Lara B.
Vice President

Not only is Brian a recruiter that fully understands and keeps your career goals in mind, works incredibly hard for you and is truly attentive, but he's also a genuine individual. Brian was creative with his suggestions, provided detailed prep information and had fantastic follow-up. Truly a coach, partner and source of constant optimism. I have and will continue to recommend Brian to anyone looking to take their career to the next level.

Amy S.
Communications Professional

Brian is one of the most passionate people I know, and it shows in the work that he produces. Not only is he great at what he does, but he takes the time to get to know you on a personal level. Brian will do whatever it takes to make sure you get placed with the position that is right for you. He's the best recruiter I have ever worked with!

Nicole G.
Content Creator

Brian is wonderful to work with as he really takes the time to get to know you and understand what you're looking for in a new position. Brian is detail oriented, responds promptly, and personable. He is a great recruiter and will do his best to help you find what you're looking for.

Jessica T.
Assistant Vice President

Brian recently helped me land an excellent new position, and I couldn't recommend him more highly. He was helpful, honest, and super responsive throughout the interviewing process - everything you could hope for in a recruiter.

Margot D.
Marketing Consultant

Brian is truly one of the best recruiters I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Unlike many of his peers, he truly took the time to listen to my interests and present opportunities that made sense in terms of what I was looking for as the proverbial "next step" in my career. During the interview process, he consistently followed up to gauge my interest in the position and provide feedback as it became available. Together, we were able to secure an outstanding job opportunity that I am very, very excited about. I would eagerly recommend him to any of my friends and colleagues in PR.

Jason G.
PR Professional

Taylor was an fantastic resource during my process of looking for another position in the PR world. Not only did she make the arduous process of looking for a new job painless and quick, she found me several amazing opportunities in less than a week. Even more than that, during our time together she offered me sage advice that ultimately led me to the amazing job I have today.

Brooke B.
Account Coordinator

I had a wonderful time working with Taylor and I would highly recommend working with her if you have the chance! She is extremely well versed in the industry and listened to what I was looking for in a new position. She made the job search very enjoyable and lead me to a great role at an amazing company.

Adelaide D.
Senior Account Executive

I was lucky enough to work with Taylor when I decided it was time for a new role. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, professional, kind and very real. Taylor was great at keeping me in the loop as opportunities progressed and helping me land an exciting new role that checks the boxes I was looking for. Thanks, Taylor!

Megan A
Account Supervisor

Taylor was so wonderful to work with - she was genuine, attentive, easily available and made me feel supported through the search process! She landed me several exciting interviews quickly and helped me find a company that was a great fit for me both professionally and for my personality in the work place. I've already recommended her to other friends who are looking, I'd definitely recommend working with Taylor to anyone who asked!

Abigail B.
Account Executive

Taylor was such a pleasure to work with! She really cares about helping her candidates find the right position and goes above and beyond to get them there. She made the entire process so seamless and easy, and I could not recommend working with her more. Truly a dream of a recruiting process!!

Caroline S.
Account Supervisor

Taylor goes well beyond the role of recruiter. She is equally an amazing career mentor, educator, and friend. Taylor makes the process seamless and fun, while proactively advocating on your behalf and finding the best opportunities. I am so grateful for her guidance and know that anyone who works with her will feel the same!

Jamie S.
Account Director